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Updated  23rd January 2023

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                              INTERESTING HANDS FROM HISTORY ETC 



1. Mississippi Heart Hand

2. The Duke of Cumberland Hand

3. Moonraker Hand featuring James Bond

4.  40 points and still cannot make 13 tricks !!!

5.   A Slam Either Way

6. Two in any denomination by EW

7. John Collings Psyching for England

8. Slam on a Yarborough

 9. Israel v Palestine March 2000

10. The Bennett Bridge MURDER  1929

11. They open 2♣  and you have a slam your way

12.Ruff and discard from both hands from OKBridge May 2009

13.Buster Keaton playing bridge

14. Distribution isn't everything

15. A tribute to Dennis O'Donovan - 2 great hands from The Times 2010

16. You can make 7 in anything - 7NT or 7♠ or 7♥ or 7♦ or 7♣

17. To Bid on or not to bid on from The Times by Andrew Robson

18. DOUBLE, Double, Double, Double from The Times by Andrew Robson

19. Is it ever correct to trump your partner's Ace ?

20. Even experts forget conventions

21. Are you ethical or not ?