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expertimprover.jpg (336780 bytes)  The Expert Improver follows on from Danny's earlier book The Expert Beginner where the Intermediate player is now introduced to more complicated bridge plays and defences as well as some new bidding conventions. The exercises set out should be done against a stop watch and every card played and every bid made is fully explained and justified.
   Not only is defence more difficult than declarer play, but it is often seen by beginners as les fun. As a result they switch off. a habit to be avoided, because in reality you defend twice as often as you are declarer and defeating what seemed like an impenetrable contract can be extremely satisfying. This basic handbook by one of the UK's most respected teachers and players concentrates on the essentials needed for Basic defence and just what you have to do to visualize and subsequently thwart declarer's plan.


 instant guidekelsey.jpg (126326 bytes)  The late Hugh Kelsey was one of the most prolific bridge writers ever and all his work has something for everybody. This handy little guide is a quick reference book form players who want to know the correct bid or lead or play in Basic Acol. The book is well laid out and for new players is an ideal reference tool.
   The Master Bridge series contains a number of these easy to use flip charts that the learner can have by his side to quickly look up those all important bids he has momentarily forgotten. In this Acol Bridge Flipper, the fast fact finder contains the following sections :-, Opening the Bidding, Weak Two Bids and Benjamin Twos, Responding to NT Opening Bids, Responding to a Suit Openings, Opener's Rebids, Reverses and Jump Shifts, Preemptive Openings, Overcalls and Jump Overcalls, Take-out Doubles, Slam Bidding Methods, Opening Leads, Signaling and Defensive Moves, Duplicate Bridge Scorer

modernlosintrick_small.jpg (95655 bytes) 

 Do you make the most of your cards. Are you totally obsessed by "high card points". If so why not read this manual and see that there is more to life than just adding points. Do you want to bid 21 point games ? Do you want to bid 26 point slams ? Do you want to be bale to stop low when you have a lot of points but the wrong distribution if so then this book is for you. It lays out the foundations of The Losing Trick Count. Although bridge is a partnership game you will find that many of the ideas laid down in this book can actually be played independently of partner and partner will thank you for bidding marginal games and slams. He might even ask you for a copy of this book .  
  This book covers common problems that any intermediate player will encounter at the table. The reader is given the bidding, the opening lead and  maybe the first round or two they are then asked as declarer to plan the hand. The nest hand the full deal is shown with an answer. A principle is then extracted that the reader will be able to apply to other hands when they occur. The themes included in the book are unblocking, ruffing in dummy, setting up dummy's suit, elimination, cross ruff, ruffing finesses, loser on loser play, avoidance plays and many others. This book is ideal for the intermediate play who wants to improve.
This book is the ideal learning book and has been endorsed by the English Bridge Union Teachers Association. The complete beginner can set up all 36 hands in the book and go through all the chapters. which include all the main aspects of bidding and play to get the student off to good foundations. This book leads very nicely to A guide to Better card Play and A Guide to Better Acol Bridge and ultimately a Guide to Better Duplicate Bridge all written by Ron Klinger in the Master Bridge Series. This is also an ideal teaching book with ideal hands for the teacher to use with his students.
The fifth edition Official Encyclopedia is an ideal reference for the real bridge enthusiast. The book covers EVERYTHING- bids, plays, conventions, tactics, Laws, movements and definitions of everything to do with bridge as well as Biographies for 2800 persons worldwide. So if somebody says to you they are an expert you can now check to see if their names appears within these pages. There is a section on all the bridge books ever written presented in  a  concise format according to play bidding or merely humorous.  There is a also a section on results worldwide. I am sure the editor of The Guiness Book of Records would certainly endorse the merits of this book.

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