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slammould.jpg (111377 bytes)  Everybody wants to bid slams which is quite surprising since only about 10-20% of all hands end up in slam. Novices are frightened to take the plunge and advanced players seem to take the plunge too often. This book covers everything you would need to bid accurate slams, a chapter on assessing your prospects, do you have enough tricks and controls etc. The chapters cover Blackwood in all its forms, interference during a Blackwood sequence , cue bidding and many other useful gadgets. The book is for the advanced player and all the ideas are very clearly explained.  
stepbystepnotumps.jpg (213870 bytes) This book written for the intermediate player covers 50 deals where the reader is  presented with typical problems faced at the bridge table and how to tackle the many No trump contracts that are likely to occur. The presentation is exemplary and I wish that all bridge books would adopt this format. As a teaching book these hands are most instructive and I do not hesitate in recommending this book to both students and other teachers alike.
 naturalsscien.jpg (264788 bytes) In January 1992 a challenge match took place in London when 8 of the worlds best players met in a teams of four where one team (The Scientists) could play whatever gadgets they wanted and the other team (The Naturals) were allowed to play without any artificial aids. This book details what happened in that epic encounter.  

FamousPlaydecisionsREESEBIRD.jpg (116960 bytes) 

This book is a sequel to Famous Bidding  Decisions by the same authors. Again the reader is given an opportunity to pit his wits against those of the experts in championship play. The bidding and how the first trick is given and then the reader is asked to suggest a line of play as good as the experts or even better. The experts line is then revealed. Whatever the outcome the reader will have had an exciting time going through these hands and hopefully  come out of it a better card player if he absorbs some of the experts lines.
helgemoworld.jpg (207330 bytes)   Norway's Geir Helgemo is the most outstanding young bridge player in the world at the moment. Generally speaking, bridge players will mature in the forties, but Helgemo has managed to reach the very top of his game before reaching 30. In this book, one of the best photo books on the subject, Geir Helgemo together with Geo Tislevoll, a bridge correspondent in Norway have illustrated how Helgemo has become one of the best players in the world.

 We learn how his mind operates. We see him performing outstanding plays and we learn from his fellow players how easy he is to play with. If you wish to improve then buy a copy of this book and try and take in some of his ideas.      

bridgeZiaand meROSEN.jpg (250476 bytes)   In this book, one of the world's top bridge players chronicles his career from his earliest games in Glasgow to becoming a world champion. Rosenberg and the flamboyant Zia Mahmood, who also now lives in the USA, are one of the world's best partnerships. Here we learn how they first met and started playing together. There are fascinating and funny anecdotes from Rosenberg's bridge career, his fifteen all-time favourite hands and many tips and ideas that will help you improve your own game. Finally he discusses many of the controversial issues that effect today's tournament bridge scene and offers his own ideas on how to solve them.      

  cluestowinningplayROTH.jpg (139210 bytes)

 Many players are happy to spend their bridge lives repeating the same mistakes over and over again. This book is not for them but for those who have a desire for better results. 60 entertaining and instructive problems give the reader the opportunity to test his skill on all the most vital aspects of play and defence. . The emphasis is on self correction. The only way to improve is to keep asking yourself the "right question". Assuming you can ask the right questions you are half way there to finding the solution and this book can certainly help.

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