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Updated  25th July  2021

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Hand of the week, week commencing,


 Sunday 31st  January 2016


¨9 lead Playing Imps (or Teams) plan your play in 4©












  Dealer South Love All

                                    ♠          Q 9 6 3

                                             K J 8 4 3


                                    ♣         10 9 5

            ♠          J 10 4 2                                  ♠          A 7 5

                     Q 6 2                                                A

                     9 8 7 3                                             10 5 4 2

            ♣         K 4                                          ♣         Q J 7 6 2

                                    ♠          K 8

                                             10 9 7 5

                                             A K J 6

                                    ♣         A 8 3

























¨9 lead Playing Imps (or Teams) plan your play in 4©


On our hand this week, after opening 1©, North gives us a “weak freak” raise to 4© normally promising about 7-9 points and 2 five card suits.

You need to overtake the first trick with your top diamond so you can immediately dump two club losers- you only need two dumps and just three diamond tricks so you are not sacrificing anything by this overtake.

Having now created a  shortage in Clubs, and almost a shortage in Spades in dummy you must now set about the Spades so that you can ruff Spades in hand and Clubs on the table if needs be and make your trumps separately.

So play the Spade King which is won by East who now plays a club (He notices that you have been dumping clubs on the Diamonds).

You now take the Ace and play Queen and another Spade ruffing in your hand.

You can now finesse dummy’s trump jack which brings forth the Ace from West who plays a Club which you can now ruff.

You ruff another Spade in hand before ruffing a Diamond en passant through West. As the cards lie you could have made an overtrick had you finessed West again for the missing Heart QueenJ

You made 1 Club, 3 Diamond 1 Spade 2 Spade ruffs in the closed hand and only 3 trumps from dummy the long hand.









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