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Updated  25th July  2021

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Hand of the week, week commencing, Sunday  24th  May  2020

What do you lead against their 1NT contract Ė plan your defence














Dealer North. Love All.

                                    ♠          K 8 7

                                             K J 9 3

                                             A 4 3

                                    ♣          K 10 8

            ♠          Q 10 6 2                                   ♠          J 9

                     A 7 2                                                 8 5

                     K 7                                                    J 10 9 5 2

            ♣          A Q 9 5                                     ♣          7 6 4 2

                                    ♠          A 5 4 3

                                             Q 10 6 4

                                             Q 8 6

                                    ♣          J 3






















After the bidding and the lead the hand should really be open book where you should know where all the points are at trick 1.

Between your hand and dummy you have 23 Honour Points and West joined in with 1NT in 4th seat showing 15-17 points , so East is marked with at most two points.


It seems that West has attacked trumps and when West gets in again, he is sure to play Ace and another Heart.

Therefore, you will need to get the clubs going and take an immediate finesse of the clubs through West. You win first trick in hand and play the Club Jack and as expected West plays the Ace. If West hasnít got the Queen, surely he would have played low.

As expected, West now plays Ace and another trump. You win in hand and finesse the club Ten on table. which succeeds. On club King chuck losing Diamond.

You will make make two  top spades, 1 Diamond, and eventually a Diamond ruff in hand and a spade ruff on table.

By the end of the hand you will have made 2 trumps, 2 Spades, 1 Diamond 2 Clubs and 1 Diamond ruff and 1 Spade ruff for a well-played hand bringing home 9 tricks


You can also play out the following hand  to see how the hand pans out. (You need bridgvu.exe programme  and it is available free from   http://www.haroldschogger.videoes.html or BridgeBase programme on your machine already to view it )


alternatively watch the film of the hand being played out by going to

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