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Updated  25th July  2021

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Hand of the week, week commencing,


 Sunday 21st February 2016


Plan your play in 4ª after §10 Lead












Dealer South. E W Vul

                                    ♠          9

                                             A K 9 6 5

                                             K 9 8 3 2

                                    ♣         A Q

            ♠          6 5 2                                       ♠          A K 8

                     Q 10                                                 8 4 3 2

                     Q 10 7 4                                          5

            ♣         10 9 6 4                                  ♣         K J 8 5 2

                                    ♠          Q J 10 7 4 3

                                             J 7

                                             A J 6

                                    ♣         7 3



























On our hand this week we have to consider all our options and be observant noticing all the pips.

We Have to lose the two top Spades and the lead suggests we are also going to  lose a club so we have to keep out Red suit losers to Zero.

We can finesse the Diamonds or we can set up the Hearts if they break favourably or some “interesting” cards fall.

We take the first club and immediately attack trumps playing the 9 from dummy. East takes his Ace and cashes a top club before switching to the 8 of Hearts (this looks like top of Doubleton or maybe top of nothing.

We try the Jack which is covered by the Queen. We need to get back to hand to continue drawing trumps and the only way to do this is to play a top Heart followed by a Heart ruff. We do this trumping the Heart high to avoid any embarrassing over-ruff by West.

West discards and we continue on our mission to draw trumps playing the Queen from hand which brings the Ace from East who continues with another Heart. We have seen that East is out of Hearts too so  we draw a deep breath as we ruff with the ª7. West is unable to over-ruff  We now play another top trump delighted to see the trumps break 3:3

Dummy’s ©9 hearts is now a master and will be used for dumping the Diamond loser with no need to finesse the Diamond.

As the cards lie the Diamond finesse would have failed.

We made 4 trumps,2 Diamonds, 2 Hearts 1 Club and 1 established Heart



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