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Updated   24th September  2021

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 Hand of the week, week commencing,  Sunday 20th June 2021                            

Partner leads Jack plan your defence when declarer plays low from dummy at trick 1


Dealer: North Vuln: All

Q J 10 9 4
Q 10 9 4
Q 7 6
6 2
A 7 6 2
J 10 9
Q 6 5 4
W   E
8 7 5
J 5 3
A 8 3
A J 10 3
A K 3
K 8
K 5 4 2
K 8 7 2
  Pass Pass Pass
Pass 1NT Pass 2
Pass 2 Pass 3
Pass 4 End  

This hand shows how important it is to be patient when you defend and wait for your tricks to materialize.

Partner's lead looks like top of a sequenceand you first duty is to play low and keep your Ace over dummy's remaining Queen.

Declarer draws trumps and plays a Heart towards his King which partber wins. Partber plasy another Diamond and you now have a stranglehold over dummy as you proceed to tkae two more Diamonds and the club Ace.


You can also play out the following hand  to see how the hand pans out. (You need bridgvu.exe programme  and it is available free from   http://www.haroldschogger.videoes.html or BridgeBase programme on your machine already to view it )


alternatively watch the film of the hand being played out by going to

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