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Updated  14th July 2024

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Hand of the week

Hand of the week, week commencing, Sunday 19th May 2024

Plan your play in 3NT after the 2 is led

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Dealer: South Vuln: All

7 5 3
K 9 6
9 7 5 2
K 4 3
10 9 4 2
Q 3 2
K 10 3
J 5 2
W   E
J 10 7 5 4
A 8
10 9 8 7
A Q 8 6
A 8
Q J 6 4
A Q 6
Pass2 Pass3NT

Initially you have 3 Club winners 2 Spade winners after the lead, and 2 heart winners.

Will you win the race for 9 tricks or will they win the race for five tricks? Fortunately, a Heart wasn't led which might have been more tricky.

Since the 2 was led you know West started with four card suit and the opponents can't get more than two tricks there once your Ace and King have gone.

So you will have to find 2 more to bring your total to the requisite 9 tricks. Diamonds seems to be your only chance. So how does one play miserable diamonds in one hand and only the Queen Jack in the other.

You will have to play for split honours in Diamonds i.e. with each opponent holding one of the top 2. This is a 75% chance as the only time you will not be successful is if West has both the Ace and King.

Be aware at trick one that the most two important cards in your dummy are the two Kings whcih give you entry to the dimaonds so you can lead up to the Qj in hand.

With all this in mind, win first trick in hand and enter dummy with your Club Queen (that being the suit you have most control over). Now play a Diamond off the table and when west plays low play your Queen. West wins and plays another spade and you win with the Ace. Now re-enter dummy with the Heart King in order to lead a second Diamond up to your remaining J64. East plays the Ace and and West follows. This now means the Diamonds are breaking favourably and ina few seconds you will be able to claim 9 trick. East now gets off lead with a Heart but now its too late and you will win the race for 9 tricks.

You will amass 2 Spades, 2 Hearts, 2 established Diamonds and 3 top clubs.


  You can also play out the following hand  to see how the hand pans out. (You need bridgvu.exe programme  and it is available free from   http://www.haroldschogger.com/movies.html )                      

alternatively watch the film of the hand being played out by going to www.haroldschogger.com/movies2.htm

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