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Hand of the week commencing Sunday 9th November  2008    




North Dealer

 A 9 7 2




Neither Vulnerable

 Q 7 4 3 2





 7 2





 A 2









 Q J 10 6 3



 K 5 4

 J 9 6


W                          E


 Q 6



 A K 9 3

 J 10 4



 K Q 8 6 5 3













Lead J

 A K 10 8 5





 J 10  8 5 4





 9 7

































West leads J How can you make sure of a double game swing and bring home 10 tricks here (Trumps break 30) ?


In the other room your team-mates bid onto 5 and had no problem in making 11 tricks.  Here, you have 7 top winners with 5 trumps and 2 Aces. In order to make your contract you will need to build 3 more tricks from setting up your Diamonds in hand. Since you do not have free flow between the 2 hands it is best to duck the first trick and win the club continuation. By doing this the opponents will be unable to play more clubs against you. After taking the second trick immediately play a low Diamond from dummy following low from hand allowing West to win cheaply. West gets off lead with the Q which wins, followed by a Spade.  Since your Diamonds are almost set up, you can now afford to draw one round of trumps winning with the King. When East shows out, you are now home and dry. You draw one more high trump from hand before finishing Diamonds. If West is out, your trump in dummy is high enough to overruff and you have sufficient trumps in dummy to ruff the Diamonds when they break 42.  You can now claim. You have won 5 Trumps, 1 Spade, 1 Club, 2 Diamonds ruffed and 1 established Diamond.

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