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Updated   13th June 2021

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     Hand of the week, week commencing, Sunday 11th April 2021                            

The opponents lead two top Hearts followed by the Q switch plan your play.


Dealer: South  Vuln: E/W

A Q 8
7 4
A 9 8 7 6
K 8 7
10 5
A K Q J 6 5 3
K 2
W   E
7 2
8 2
Q J 5 4 3
9 6 5 4
K J 9 6 4 3
10 9
A 10 3 2
4 4 End


Initially you have 9 winners by way of 6 trumps 1 Diamond and 2 Clubs. How can you generate a Tenth trick? The way to generate a tenth or even an eleventh trick is to trump Diamonds twice in dummy before touching trumps. This will also need to assume the club suit is no worse than a 4:2 break as you should really cash two top clubs early before one of the defenders might throw a Club while you are in the midst of trumping Diamonds in the dummy and might overtrump you. With all this in mind you should win the third trick in hand and immediately play back a Club. You get so lucky now as the club Jack falls, and your 10 is now established as the tenth trick and you only now need to trump one Diamond in dummy, the short hand to enable an 11 trick result. You draw trumps delighted to see them break 2:2. You now cash your winning 10 and ruff a club in dummy the short hand. You amassed 6 trump tricks, 3 Clubs, 1 Diamond and 1 club ruffed for a very good Match Point score.


You can also play out the following hand  to see how the hand pans out. (You need bridgvu.exe programme  and it is available free from   http://www.haroldschogger.videoes.html or BridgeBase programme on your machine already to view it )


alternatively watch the film of the hand being played out by going to

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