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Updated   16th June 2024

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                            During the bidding assess a long suit and see how many potential tricks in that long suit- AKQ432 is likely to be all six on a good day and certainly five- its

                     not just any 9 points   TRY AND VISUALIZE  how the other 7 cards are distributed amongst the remaining 3 players.






             When finessing  with no back up cards do not play the Queen as they will cover to promote their Tens and 9s in situations like this

                                                   A J 6 5 4                           Play the 2 to the Jack and then play Ace and be pleased

                                       K 7                     10 9 8                   the King is Doubleton

                                                      Q 3 2  




ADVANCED TIP  700                 

 When playing Michaels Cue Bids (overcall)  and also with UNT you really should do it on very weak hands (6-10) or very strong hands 16+ and now partner can judge if you are weak (most of the time) and when you are strong and you bid on (very rare).