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Updated   14th April 2024

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International Bridge Diary and links (courtesy of the IBPA)


 World Bridge Calendar

Guide to Online Events
Here is information about planned tournaments, both live and online.

WBF – the World Bridge Series will be held in Wroclaw September 2-17, 2022. See

 ACBL – Some pair and team events are on BBO. See and  for details. .com. Plans to begin live bridge again in 2021. The Reno Springl NABC is currently scheduled to be held face-to-face.

 Zonal Organisations – Some Zones of the World Bridge Federation have run and will continue to run online championships until the pandemic ends. Check the Zonal websites for information.

 NBOs – Many National Bridge Organisations have organised, and are continuing to organise, online events for their own members. Check the NBO websites for specifics.

Alt Invitationals – Invitational tournaments, usually lasting five to seven days, have been organised by bid72 and To date, there have been

Alt Invitationals (open team tournaments), Alt Mixed events (all comprising eight teams), Alt Majors (32 teams) and Alt BAMs. Information can be found at https://bid72/events

 Each event has a daily bulletin. Email for an invitation (Jan van den Hoek).

OCBL – The Online Contract Bridge League organises events. Details can be found at  OCBL also produces a daily journal. See also

ACT Bridge & Bridgehouse – Arranges online team events with daily bulletins. Information can be found at

Monthly Invitational Teams – Organised by Christina Lund Madsen and Denis Dobrin They also organise open mixed events.

All of the online tournaments named above are on BBO ( or RealBridge (  ). Other useful sites are  and

Anyone organising an online tournament can submit details to Marek W๓jcicki at for inclusion on the IBPA website ( ).