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Updated  6th  November 2020

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Movies on Bridge compiled by  Harold Schogger

These Movies require either  BRIDGEVU (click here) or the FREE  BRIDGEBASE online programme (click here)

To change the view of the cards,  click on this icon   at bottom of the screen next to the cog in each file


1. The Simple Finesse   (holding AQ opposite low ones)

2. The Simple Finesse  (holding KX opposite low ones)

3. The Finesse  (holding KQX opposite low ones)

4. The Finesse  (holding AXX opposite QXX)

5. The Finesse  (holding JX opposite AKXXX)

6. The Finesse  (holding QJ10 opposite AXXX)

7. Finessing Q543 opposite K762

8.  Finessing AQ54 opposite J762

9. Finessing with great intermediatesAQ108 opposite J972

10. Finessing QJX opposite XXX  to try and get one trick

11. The Finesse  (holding KQ108 opposite low ones)

12. Pin the 10 or not to pin the 10 ?(holding AK93 opposite J652)

13. Finessing their Queen AKJ opposite 654

14. Test the Waters before finessing that Queen  AKJ5  opposite 10632 

15. Test the Waters2 before finessing that Queen  AJ54  opposite K632 

16. Deep Finesse of AK109  opposite small cards

17. Deep Finesse of AJ104  opposite small cards

18. Deep Finesse of AQ105 opposite small cards

19. Eight Ever Nine Never



1. Opening leads against NT contracts 1

2. Lead Top of Interior Sequence against No Trumps

3. Why Leading 4th Highest of Longest Suit against No Trumps works

4. Passive Defence can be good for your bridge Health with defenders finessing too

5. When blind don't lead away from Honour against suit contracts  

6. Lead through Strength and Up to Weakness

7. When blind don't lead away from a Tenace against suit contracts

8. Leading a SINGLETON against SUIT Contracts



1. Suit Establishment 1

2. Ducking to establish long suit 1

3. Rule of Eleven (i)

4. Declarer Holds Up to cut communication 

5. Tenaces in Tact 1 

6.If They Don't Cover They Haven't Got It

7. Don't Get Blocked, play the high card from the short hand 1st  

8. Establish Second suit first before drawing trumps

9. Don't leave a Bare King or Queen on the Table - its rude !!!

10.Tenaces in Tact 2 

11. The Rule of Seven and holding Up to break communication 

12. Elimination Play or Stripping the hand down 1

13. Elimination Play or Stripping the hand down 2

14. Safety Play1 with K954 opposite AJ32

15. Safety Play2 in whole hand



1. Suit Preference signals 1

2. Giving partner the count on declarer's strong suit

3. Covering an Honour with an Honour 1

4. Covering an Honour 2

5. When not to cover an Honour with an honour

6. Mckenney Discards 



1. Take Advantage of the lead

2. Trump control and unblock )


 Movies with Harold explaining how to count- click on the link

1. How to Count  

2. Eilat Bridge Holiday 2006  - click here to view

3. Eilat Bridge Holiday 2009  film provided by Sergey Shkrebela



To view the videos you need to have windows media player (or some such similar software) installed on your machine. You can download this programme from Microsoft


To view the Bridge Movies which are in lin format you need to have bridge vu installed on your machine. Bridge Vu is available from my website and to download it click on the following link



Alternatively you can view these files through bridgebase the free online bridge programme which can be downloaded from 

To view Powerpoint presentations then you will need to download the following programme :-