Updated 8th December 2016








Middlesex County Bridge Association - Calendar 2018


Wednesday 6th June 2018

Committee Cup, at Totteridge Bridge Club, starting at 19:45

Sunday 24th June 2018

Dorset Cup, at Pinner Bridge Club, starting at 12:00 (2 sessions)


All single session events will normally comprise 26 or 27 boards.

Entry fees are payable on the day.

Further information and registration at www.middlesexbridge.co.uk

All enquiries to: mcba.entries@gmail.com


[i] Players representing their County in the Garden Cities Trophy are not necessarily required to owe primary allegiance to that County. They must be members of the club they represent and members of EBU. They may participate in qualifying rounds in more than one County, but only for one club within any particular County, and they may not subsequently change their allegiance to some other club within the same County. Likewise, players may play for only one club in the Regional and/or National Finals.


EBU Regulations which affect the Championship Pairs, Championship Teams and Teams of Eight

Players may only represent their County of primary allegiance. This is deemed to be the County through which they pay their full EBU subscription. A player may change primary allegiance once during the season, provided he has not played in any of the Tollemache Cup, the Pachabo Cup or the Corwen Trophy (or a relevant County qualifying event) for any other County. In these events, no player may represent more than one County in the EBU playing season, which runs from 1st September to 31st August in any year. Membership of a County in any one financial year implies the right to represent that County in the balance of the playing season in the following financial year